How It Works


Discover the new paradigm in weight loss & sculpting your body

Biophotonic Activation

Boost your natural wellness and activate a new you.

BioRhythm Diet

Cyclic Caloric Control with a balanced diet of high nutrient dense and low allergen foods for maximum fat burning and weight loss.

BioRhythm Exercise

Low Impact Resistance – High Intensity Interval Training. Safe, fast calorie burning exercise 3x a week in less than 20 minutes.


Partner with your coach to help you reach and maintain your goals.

BioSculpt Body Cosmetics

Refresh, tone and reshape your skin and body.

BioSculpt Body Supplements

Restore nutritional balance for optimum body sculpting and weight loss support.

Medical Grade Compression

Help improve circulation while reshaping your body.



Pick your starting point
  • Schedule your first program session with one of our client representatives or by using one of our express scheduling options
  • Complete the Lifestyle Assessment Form
  • Download and begin to implement the Program Guidelines
Our Signature Program Session is Only $195

Plus cost of food & products, plus the cost of shipping, if applicable.




Meet your coach in person in one of our centers.
  • Your coach will connect with you a few days to a week before your first program session to talk about how you'll work together best
  • Review your goals with your coach and complete your first program session in one of our centers
  • Decide if the waist buster or full body program is best for you and then design & continue your program



Every time you meet with your coach, you are one step closer to your new you
  • Continue the program and reach your goals
  • You will learn a lifestyle that will enable you to maintain your goals
  • Come in for a tune-up session with your coach as needed in order to maintain your goals or to get you back on track

*2” Plus Painless Loss Money Back Guarantee: Lose 2” or more on your first full body program session without pain or discomfort. Six different measurements are taken on females before and after your first full body program session to determine if a cumulative 2” or more loss was achieved (five measurements are taken on males). No type of waist buster program session qualifies for this offer (i.e. Groupon Introductory Session, etc.). Females dress size 4 or below and males pant size 34 or below do not qualify for this offer. If you qualify for this offer and you do not lose at least 2” on your first full body program session, then you will receive your full amount of money back and your session was free. Please Note: Program results vary based on body size and weight, lifestyle and health status and program adherence.